August 11, 2018

After Trying Persp Mode

After last post about trying emacs workspace management, I tried persp-mode. It comes out that it’s not that simple to implement a workspace auto-switch feature. It’s not just find-file-hook and advice for switch-buffer. There are too many commands need to advice and hook (select-window, kill-buffer-hook …). Cause there’s no buffer-focus-in-hook”. And it’s not easy to build one with persp-mode.

There is one package in melpa that implement per buffer buffer-focus-in-hook and buffer-focus-out-hook by hacking on buffer-list-update-hook. But persp-mode also manipulate the buffer-list. It won’t work out.

Then I realize that I just want to have workspace on buffer management, like the ibuffer option above. I can easily get that feature. I just rebind my buffer-switch key to counsel-projectile-switch-to-buffer and everything works great.

It turns out that compared with projectile, persp only offers workspace specific window configuration. So I don’t need it if I only want buffer level workspace. And it also add unexpected behavior when I test my auto-switch implementation (buffer and window configuration switched at the same time), which makes me wonder that workspace auto-switch is a bad idea.

Although it looks like that I waste bunch of time to find a single rebind. I do find lots useful stuff on these workspace, layout, window management packages and implementations. I might write another post for about that.

August 11, 2018 emacs workspace

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