October 29, 2017

My Karabiner Elements Configuration

UPDATE 2018-09-19 Wed

My config in KE-complex-modifications is outdated. I’m now using GokuRakuJoudo to config karabiner. It enables user to write the configuration in a much more compact karabiner.edn file, you can check out mine. I’ll write a post about it soon. If your karabiner.json is bloated, you may want to try it. Recommend to check the tutorial first.


This post are descriptions and tutorial of my personal KE complex modification.

I merged my personal Karabiner Elements configuration into the official repo several days ago. You can import my personal rules here. To achieve efficiency, I use karabiner with Alfred mainly through alfred workflow external trigger and osascript (command line tool for calling AppleScript code).

Here are these configurations. Please note that I update my configurations every day. So I can’t keep this post up to date. The key here is to introduce a system for launching apps, invoking scripts and all stuffs that can be done with shell (everything). When you can get anything you want with few key strokes, it feels great.

Download all my workflow from dropbox , please contact me when this link broken.

I may update this post for each specific config if I have time in the future (may not happen). If you have any problems or ideas, please open an issue in my dotfile repo. And you can also check KE-complexmodifications official repo for more rules and discussion.

Update: The old download link is broken and I don’t have time to maintain all these workflows up to date. Now that the core thing here is to use alfred workflow’s external trigger feature, I create a app launcher workflow as a sample.

October 29, 2017 coding tool efficiency karabiner

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