September 13, 2021

My Road to Dark Mode

There’s a reddit drunk post I read months ago talking about a lot about programming life and many things. There’s one thing I want to talk about.

Dark mode is great until you’re forced to use light mode (webpage or an unsupported app). That’s why I use light mode.

This was so true to me. I used to use dark mode everywhere until I find there are so many webpages that are so bright that it literally hearts my eye with my dark mode monitor brightness. I then turn back to light mode.

My browser has Dark Reader installed many years ago. I don’t use it a lot until recently. I revisited it and found it supports shortcut to toggle the current webpage between dark and light mode. I rebind it to a convenient key and everything just works in browser.

I rebind shortcuts all the time. Why the hell I haven’t done it earlier!

What’s more, there’s a PR for Dark Reader that make its URL matching system more powerful so that it can handle sites with partial dark mode support, like Github main site and Github Marketplace.

You can fork the repo, merge the PR yourself and build a local version right now if you can’t wait.

September 13, 2021 dark mode

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