Use zsh in emacs

I used to use vim with tmux in a terminal emulator. After changing to emacs. It didn't take much time for me to realize that emacs in GUI works better.

The problem is I still want the old behavior. I tried about three times using my zsh shell in emacs. I'm not here telling those failed attempts. I want to write it down because of a recent discovery.

When I restructure my zsh configurations, I find the z-shell works fine with with zero config. That's when I finally discover that it's the plugins and configurations that make zsh and emacs incompatible. What's more, I find these lines. They must come from some emacs package's readme instruction. The original one is telling zsh don't do something when it's in emacs.

    if [ -n "$INSIDE_EMACS" ]; then

So I thought, I can just use these line with my zsh configuration(prezto). It works fine now after some little test. It turns out the default zsh-autocompletion is not playing well with emacs. I use the if...else code telling zsh don't load autosugestion while in emacs. And everything is fine now.

That's it. Maybe I'll dig in for getting autocompletion back in emacs someday.

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